A "Marshall Plan" to Restore NYCHA Public Housing

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The New York City Housing Authority (NCYHA) manages 179,000 apartments which house half a million residents, easily qualifying it as New York City's largest landlord. Unfortunately, thanks to more than a decade of disinvestment and underfunding from every level of government—city, state, and federal—it may also now qualify as the city's worst landlord.

NYCHA was once considered a high-performing housing authority and virtually the only big-city public housing provider to maintain its large inventory. But in the period since 2001, its story has been one of rapid physical and financial decline. A major new report from the Community Service Society examines the factors that have led to this decline, and the impact on residents of crumbling infrastructure, deteriorating apartment conditions, and inadequate staffing to maintain buildings and respond to resident concerns.

Our report offers many remedies to help restore NYCHA, including changes in governance, greater oversight and accountability, and more meaningful resident input. But what is most needed is funding, in the form of a major, 10-year capital investment—what we are calling a “Marshall Plan” for the New York City Housing Authority.

This investment won’t come from Washington. We must call on the city and state to take bold action to preserve and restore our critical public housing resources.

In a recent editorial in the Daily News, Errol Louis called for “public housing saviors” willing to do the hard work of reforming and revitalizing NYCHA. You can make a difference by urging our city and state leaders to take action today.  Just click "Participate" in the box above to add your voice!


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