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Special Training! Overview of the Earned Paid Sick Time Act and the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (Community Service Society)

Join us tomorrow (Wednesday, March 26) to learn what these two new laws mean for working New Yorkers:

  • Paid Sick Days
  • Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

Get the information you need to spread the word that workers in New York City now have a legal right to sick time for themselves and to care for their family members and pregnant workers have rights to accommodations they need to stay on the job.


Sherry Leiwant, A Better Balance
Phoebe Taubman, A Better Balance
Nancy Rankin, Community Service Society

Learn the details of the Earned Sick Time Act and the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act from the experts who led efforts to secure these new labor standards for working New Yorkers. The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act went into effect in January and the Earned Paid Sick Time Act will go into effect on April 1, 2014.

This training will provide you with answers to questions about these new laws as well as resources for further help.

Come to the training to find out:

  • Who is covered by these new laws?
  • How will sick time be accrued?
  • What can it be used for?
  • What are the responsibilities of employers and workers?
  • What is a reasonable accommodation for a pregnant worker?
  • How will these laws be enforced?
  • What should workers do if their employer refuses to allow them to take sick leave or grant reasonable accommodations for pregnancy?
  • Where can we go for further information?                              

Come learn about how these laws can help keep workers, their families and our workplaces healthy!

Please RSVP:

Send an email to Migdalia Molina at mmolina@cssny.org along with your name, title, agency and phone number.  Thank you!

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